Naughty Boy ft Bastille  - No One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille)
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Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

Twenty One Pilots - Oh Ms Believer
4,983 plays
Panic At The Disco - She Had The World (Alternate Version)
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Twenty One Pilots - Before You Start Your Day
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before you start your day // twenty one pilots

open up your eyes and see
the clouds above will hold you
the clouds above will sing

Stromae - Bâtard
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Stromae - Bâtard

i am absolutely here for this

Mary Lambert - Jessie's Girl
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in which a gay cover of one of america’s most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists

The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart
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"But I could not recall
A more perfect fall
Cause when I looked up into your eyes
It didn’t hurt at all.
And I thought, be still my heart
This could be a brand new start, with you.”

twenty one pilots - Before You Start Your Day
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June favourite songs

↳ day 14 of 30

Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Anamanaguchi Remix)
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"She depends on you, she depends on you
She’ll go alone, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend (I depend) on you”

Twenty One Pilots - Anathema
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So won’t you say goodnight, so I can say goodbye?